Sunday, December 10, 2006



Just to let you readers know I am taking a well deserved break from the site and as I can’t fucking stand Christmas, it’s pretence, it’s vulgarity, it’s mass appeal, it’s influence on the great unwashed causing competitiveness, debt and overall misery – it will provide me with time to review more for my site.

I celebrate Yule anyway so whether Christian mythology is celebrated is of no consequence either.

So far I have some cool treats for us waiting to be reviewed, ‘The Owl Service’, ‘Quiet as a Nun’, ‘Kolchak-The Night Stalker’, ‘Into the Labyrinth’; will all guest appear over the coming Yule period.

Don’t fret mucky pups, as in between such articles there will be our look at a fare share of sleaze, which will feature such unsavoury and controversial delights as ‘Cockfighter’, ‘Red Nights of the Gestapo’ and I think a couple of Hardcore porn classic reviews could join this blogs beating heart.

Most important of all I have had some lovely feedback for my Doomwatch retrospectives and other articles from those people who inspire me to share my thoughts and knowledge.

Thank you.

Feedback and constructive comment means so much and really makes the site what it is. There is always room for improvement and memories to share.

Is it easy writing/creating articles for this blog? I would say enjoyable – yes, easy - no.

The main ‘restriction’ is that of time. First is choice of programme or film and reliable research references, second is writing the rough, thirdly there is the word ‘tart-up’ and consequent re-reads (time permitting), fourthly image choice and screen captures, fifthly image re-touch, six word and grammar check (sometimes when I get carried away – forgive the grammar – some articles I will definitely ‘make over’ grammatically in the future), seventh the article layout, eighth and a final proof reading for errors, ninth is the time for one last check, tenth – publish the bugger! This is based on an ideal world scenario and excludes things like job, social interaction, family and friend time and your own ‘personal space time’.

This also excludes inserting of tables, font changes, research of article, programme re-visits, trivia checks, goof observation etc, etc. So I hope that explains why sometimes it can take anything up to 3 days to create one article.

I try to be as a quick as I can be allowing the reader at least one article per week.

If I can be quicker I will be. I want to demonstrate interest within the word accompaniment and visually the same quality.

These do take time. I also feel there are too many ’12 bore reviews’ that ‘lumps’ everything in together reducing respect for the programme or film under review and then blasts away at the reader bombarding we with brief FAQ’s of mild relevance; sadly this is void of any ‘spirit’. Don’t really want to go down that road.

So expect something real soon over the Yule period or just after…………

Happy Solstice/Yule 2006, Readers of The Fringe Fantasy Film Show !

Meet some of the team……….

This is my dog Laurence Niblick who loves food, Tea, walks in the woods, Patrick Troughtons’ Doctor Who stories and Classic FM. He was 3 on the 5th December he is sub editor of the reviews.

This is my African grey Charlie, he is known more popularly by his pseudonym ‘Monsieur le Beak’ he loves kit-kats, swearing, screeching, apple, pecking humans, nursery rhymes, Gilles Peterson Compilations, jazz and giallo. He is the oldest member of the team and is approx. 40 years of feather. He is the artistic and cultural manager.

Here is some wonderful art, enjoy.


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